Kata // First Moves

You've read the specification? Tricky, huh? It looks like an innocuous problem, but there's some depth to it. Here are some suggestions for small moves to get you started.

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Wishy Washy

Starting small, driven by tests

Developers have a habit of thinking in terms of technical composition of systems rather than functional terms. For example, reading the spec, some of you will have been thinking “well, that’s obviously an RTOS task, and I need to implement an ISR for that other thing, and then there’s an FSM implementation I need to do…and…”.

And that’s OK.

What we’re going to suggest here is a little different, though: focus on very small slices of functionality, write a series of small tests for these, and implement the code incrementally.

A small slice : door handling

This is probably the simplest functional slice that you can tackle in the system. Ignore everything else. Pretend the rest of the spec doesn’t even exist. The entire scope that you have to implement is this, and nothing more:

  • There is something called a door, and it has a specific job to do.
  • The user can request that the door open or close by sliding a switch back and forth. That switch belongs to the door.
  • The door can read the switch, and see whether it’s in a high or low state.
  • It’s up to the door to decide whether or not it should actually be physically opened. The user is just making a request, not giving an order. The door is in charge.
  • Other things are interested in whether the door opens or closes, so it needs to inform something. We don’t need to know or care what will happen when we do this, only that it has to happen.
  • If it’s OK to open the door, the door cause an actuator to operate, and this physically opens the door - it does this by setting high or low on another pin.
  • Sometimes the door gets told that it’s not allowed to be opened.
  • If the door isn’t allowed to be opened, it will never operate the actuator. The user can slide that switch back and forward as much as they like, but they get ignored.

A possible test list for the door

Other functional slices to consider